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Bloom Program

from Basis, Foundations For Life
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Fostering Digital Equity for Youth and Women

The Need

Helping youth and women in urban-poor communities who do not have access to basic computer skills development opportunities from an early age.

The landscape:

  1. Limited Access to Basic Computer Skills in Rural and Urban-Poor Communities

  2. Widening Socioeconomic Disparities in a Digitally Driven World

  3. Youth Without Digital Skills Face Barriers to Education and Employment

  4. A Vicious Cycle: Digital Skill Gap and Persistent Poverty

  5. Heightened Vulnerabilities: Child Marriage, Trafficking, Child Labor, Gang Involvement


of India’s population is digitally illiterate


of India’s women never use the Internet


of rural households do not own a computer

Breaking the Cycle

Empowering Women and Youth for a Brighter Future

Empowering youth and women through holistic digital inclusion and support, fostering safe environments, IT access, mentorship, skill development, comprehensive guidance, and well-being care.


Achieving Computer Literacy

From understanding the Internet and learning to touch type to becoming proficient with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Email. Volunteers also teach Javascript, HTML and CSS.


As a result, Bloom has helped over half of the graduates to earn 50% more than prior to attending Bloom courses.


Four of the 2022 graduates were hired for a data entry project for a US company.


The team finished project 

early, with 100% accuracy!


Maghimai Raj joined Bloom in October 2022.

He traveled three hours by bus just to participate. He quickly became one of the fastest typists!


His current speed is

64 Words per Minute!


78 learners have graduated from Bloom so far


Another 50 learners will graduate in December 2023

Setting up our most recent Basis Learning Center was incredible. Many participants are working women, who are mostly domestic laborers in nearby households.


When they walked in and saw this incredible space, their whole posture changed, and they were suddenly filled with a new sense of optimism and new possibilities in their livelihood.


We are on a mission to transform the lives of our learners.


Christina de Jong

Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Basis Education Foundation.

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Join us in 
bridging the digital divide through bloom digital skills for life

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