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Educate to Empower

Education is more than knowledge, it's the bridge to a world of opportunities. By sponsoring a student, you are lighting a torch, guiding them out of the confines of poverty and onto a path of self-reliance and prosperity. Empower their future through the transformative power of education.

Be a Catalyst for Change: Sponsor a Student and Shape Their Future

Project +10 is our strategic initiative to eradicate poverty through education. With a focus on children from Grade 1 to Grade 10, we provide a strong educational foundation for a promising future. By sponsoring a student, you become a catalyst for change, initiating a transformation from poverty to prosperity.

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Why Project +10?


Our Mission

Every year hundreds of students graduate from our free kindergarten centres after a 3-year program. By then, they will have laid a strong foundation in the English language, Math concepts, Social Sciences, manners, and etiquette.

Project +10 is an initiative to ensure that these students get an opportunity to continue their education from Grade 1 through to Grade 10. Given the financial constraints of their families who cannot afford to send them to English medium schools, we urge you to support a student's journey through the crucial first ten years or more of schooling. We believe your support will not only bring you immense joy but also make a powerful, lasting impact on their future.

Don’t take our word for it; hear from our Project +10 sponsors

How to Sponsor ?


Select the period of time you would like to sponsor.


Confirm and process the sponsorship amount.

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How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

Sponsor a Student Today

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What aspects does the sponsorship cover for a student, and does it include schooling costs, extracurricular activities, vocational training, or medical insurance?
    The sponsorship primarily covers the student's education, including tuition fees and books. However, it does not cover other aspects such as food, extracurricular activities, vocational training, or medical or health insurance.
  • How is the sponsored student's progress monitored and reported?
    The academic progress of the sponsored student is reported to the sponsor twice a year through scanned copies of their school progress reports.
  • Is there any support provided to the student's family as part of the sponsorship?
    While it is not included in the sponsorship, they may choose to provide support. However, they cannot provide it directly to the student themselves. Instead, they can facilitate its provision through building blocks.
  • How is the student selected for sponsorship?
    Selection is based on the student's records during their 3 years in kindergarten. We also review the history of the parents' involvement in their student's education, as well as their financial status during this period. Sponsorship is awarded to the most deserving student economically, taking into account academic achievement. We also consider whether the student is from a single-parent household.
  • Is there an opportunity for sponsors to visit or communicate with their sponsored student?
    Yes, sponsors have the opportunity to visit their sponsored student at school, even visit their home and spend time with the student.
  • What makes your sponsorship program unique compared to others?
    Our sponsorship program stands out due to its regular reporting system, which keeps sponsors informed about the student's progress, as well as opportunities for interaction between sponsors and students.
  • Are there different tiers or levels of sponsorship that donors can choose from?
    Donors can choose between yearly sponsorship or a 10-year sponsorship commitment.
  • How is the impact of the sponsorship measured over the long term?
    The impact of the sponsorship is measured positively as some sponsored students have progressed to junior college and bachelor's programs. For example, one student successfully finished her 12th grade and diploma in teaching, and is now working as a teacher at Building Blocks.
  • Can a sponsor choose to sponsor a student's education beyond Grade 10?
    Yes, sponsors can choose to extend their support for a student's education beyond Grade 10, opening up opportunities for them to pursue higher education.
  • How can a sponsor contribute beyond monetary sponsorship?
    Sponsors can contribute in a variety of ways beyond direct financial support, such as sponsoring food grains, housing improvements, technological devices for online learning, solar lamps, stationary items, and more.
  • How do you ensure transparency and accountability with the sponsorship funds?
    We directly pay the educational fees with the sponsored funds and send the receipt to the donor to ensure transparency and accountability.

Join Us, Make a Difference

Transform a Child's Life

Together, we can ignite hope for underprivileged students. Your sponsorship can break the chains of poverty, and transform lives through education. Act now, sponsor a student today, and be a part of a future filled with potential.

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