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Foster Homes


Foster Homes aim at providing little children from the streets of Bengaluru with security and with a healthy living environment. The foster homes reproduce a convivial and family atmosphere for the children to heal the wounds they have developed in the street, grow up in trustful social circles. As a preventive action, Building Blocks India enrolls them at the youngest age in order to avoid the psychological disorders induced by the dangers encountered in the street and offer them the childhood they deserve.


Foster homes are also responsible for the children’s education and enroll them in English Medium Schools to give them better future opportunities.

Activities in the Homes


Education and Follow-up

All the children are enrolled in private English Medium Schools and are provided with homework assistance.

Medical Follow-up

Scheduled medical follow-up are implemented. Drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements are provided to the children if necessary.

Intergenerational and Social Opening Programs

Outings are planned in neighborhood social centers for the children to interact with people of all backgrounds. Those centers are for students, orphans, disabled people, seniors, etc. This activity aims at strengthening the girls’ social skills by expanding their circle of acquaintances and by promoting local interactions.

Playground and Recreational Time

Recreational moments are scheduled every day for the children to play and develop their creativity. Girls are assisted by the house manager and by volunteers, to stimulate their creativity abilities. Play times are useful to promote curiosity and sharing values.

Regular Trips

Trips are organized on a regular basis in order to avoid isolation of the children and to promote open-mindedness. Foster homes plans entertaining outgoings on national festival days, international days and for the children’s birthday. Furthermore, nature outgoings are encouraged, like day trips in parks or visits in natural sites. Gathering days with all the Homes of the program are also organized. Summer camps are planned during the holidays.


Professional counselors are appointed to the homes on a regular basis to provide psychological follow-up to the girls. They organize collective sessions as well as individual interviews to help the children deal with their traumas and anxieties.

Family Follow-up

Regular visits to the parents and/or the families are planned in order to maintain family bonds. Meetings with all the parents are meant to discuss the future of their daughters.

Sponsorship Cost

*Note: Please have a recurring transfer/standing order set up with your bank if you are paying monthly/quarterly or half yearly.

** Increase in case of an unfavourable currency fluctuation may affect the donation amount. You may notice changes in values as regular updates are posted.

Last Updated:February 5th, 2023

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