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Building Futures. One Child at a Time with Project +10

Sponsor a Child for 10 Years,
Change a Life Forever!

“For less than the price of one coffee every few days you can help build the future of a child, and give them the only tool to escape the trapping of the slums.”

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Building Blocks Project +10 : Sponsorship Cost

Student Sponsorship Application Form

Dear Prospective Sponsor

Every year hundreds of children graduate from our free kindergarten centers after a 3-year program. By then, they will have had a good foundation in the English language as well as in Math concepts, Social Sciences, manners, and etiquette.

Project +10 is an initiative to make sure that the children get an opportunity to study from Grade 1 through to Grade 10. Since the parents are very poor and can not afford to send the children to English medium schools, we are asking you to support a child to assist him/her through the first ten years or more of schooling. We believe you will find great joy in your giving and will be making an impactful investment in their future!

Through this program, individuals and groups can sponsor a child’s education for 10+ years. The process is easy to follow:

1) Complete and submit the “Student Sponsorship Application Form”

2) Select the period of time you would like to sponsor

3. Confirm and process the sponsorship amount

My assurance to you: one of the concerns people often have, is the appropriate use of funds, this is a good question. This is one of the reasons why Building Blocks has been so successful and is now a MODEL for other organizations in India and worldwide. Your trust means everything!! Our sponsors include Boeing, The AlphaBet Club Charity, Amsterdam, Trans Asia Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, Ecom Foundation, Chaaya Charitable Trust, Rawal Family, Rotary Club Amsterdam, Wilde Ganzen,  Seaton India, Run For Teachers, 1 to 1 Charity, Analog Devices India and Alternatives For Children.  We do not have even one strike against our name. Our school has been, is and will always be run with the utmost integrity. Our finances are managed with full transparency and is audited by reputed Chartered Accountants. “One Sponsor, One Child” is our commitment to you!

My thanks in advance for your consideration

Warm regards

James Ambat

Don’t take my word for it; hear from our Project +10 sponsors

Ruth Attewell

Megumi Shimonaka

Glen Attewel

Allison Jacobs

Beejal & Yogi Parmar

Rajiv & Bakthi

Priya & Murali

Mahesh Mac Srinivasan

Student Sponsorship Application Form

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