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Educate to Empower

Education is more than knowledge, it's the bridge to a world of opportunities. By sponsoring a student, you are lighting a torch, guiding them out of the confines of poverty and onto a path of self-reliance and prosperity. Empower their future through the transformative power of education.

Be a Catalyst for Change: Sponsor a Student and Shape Their Future

Project +10 is our strategic initiative to eradicate poverty through education. With a focus on children from Grade 1 to Grade 10, we provide a strong educational foundation for a promising future. By sponsoring a student, you become a catalyst for change, initiating a transformation from poverty to prosperity.

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Why Project +10?


Our Mission

Every year hundreds of students graduate from our free kindergarten centres after a 3-year program. By then, they will have laid a strong foundation in the English language, Math concepts, Social Sciences, manners, and etiquette.

Project +10 is an initiative to ensure that these students get an opportunity to continue their education from Grade 1 through to Grade 10. Given the financial constraints of their families who cannot afford to send them to English medium schools, we urge you to support a student's journey through the crucial first ten years or more of schooling. We believe your support will not only bring you immense joy but also make a powerful, lasting impact on their future.

Don’t take our word for it; hear from our Project +10 sponsors

How to Sponsor ?



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How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Join Us, Make a Difference

Transform a Child's Life

Together, we can ignite hope for underprivileged students. Your sponsorship can break the chains of poverty, and transform lives through education. Act now, sponsor a student today, and be a part of a future filled with potential.

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