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Student Protection Guidelines for Building Blocks Sponsors

1. Respect the student’s privacy:

Protect the student’s privacy by not sharing their full name, address, or specific identifying details with others, online or social media. Safeguard their personal information and ensure it is used solely for the purpose of sponsorship.

2. Communicate with respect and sensitivity:

 Interact with the student and their family in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner. Avoid imposing personal beliefs or values that may conflict with their cultural background.

3. Avoid connecting on Social Media:

We strongly discourage reaching out to sponsored students or accepting connection requests on social media. Also, avoid sharing any personal contact information. If a student contacts you directly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp or any other platform, please reach out to us for guidance

4. Follow the organization's guidelines:

Upon sponsoring a student, you will gain access to Building Blocks’ Child Safe-Guarding Policy. These guidelines are in place to ensure the well-being and safety of the student and to maintain ethical practices.

5. Guidance on giving gifts or money:

There are lots of ways to help beyond the sponsorship program that can help the lives of the students. Please always consult with Building Blocks before donating beyond the requirements of the student sponsorship program. Refrain from providing excessive gifts or money directly to the student or their family. The sponsorship program is designed to support the student’s overall well-being through structured assistance and not create dependence on individual sponsors.

6. Be patient and understanding:

Understand that the student's circumstances may be challenging, and progress may take time. Be patient, supportive, and understanding of their unique situation.

7. Do not seek personal contact outside the sponsorship program:

Refrain from attempting to establish personal contact with the student outside the official channels provided by the charity. This helps protect the student's safety and ensures compliance with protection protocols.

8. Report any concerns or suspicions:

If you have any concerns or suspicions regarding the student's well-being or safety, promptly report them to the charity. Follow the designated reporting mechanisms to ensure appropriate actions can be taken.

9. Share your sponsorship experience responsibly:

 Feel free to share your sponsorship experience with friends and family, but do so responsibly. Respect the student's privacy by not disclosing sensitive information or sharing their photographs on public platforms without explicit permission from the charity.


If we seem over-cautious, just know that everything we do is to protect the well-being and safety of our students and our sponsors.

Some other things I found that I think make for good practice within BuildingBlocks:





Our students are our top priority, so we review (and translate) every letter before sending it to your student. But don’t worry, there’s no judgement on any misspellings.

Finally, we also prohibit connecting with your student on social media or sharing any personal contact information. In fact, if your student reaches out to you via Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or contacts you directly, it could jeopardize her enrollment in the program.

If we seem overly worried, just know that everything we do is to protect the well-being and safety of our students.

Protecting the privacy of sponsors and children is our priority. We ensure that your information is never shared with a third party and we ask that you refrain from posting photos and details of your sponsored child on social media to protect their privacy. We do encourage you to talk with friends and family about your child sponsorship and share your experience.

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